“Environmental History,
St Louis and Beyond”


The St Louis Regional Historical Societies presents an Environmental History Speaker Series from April 17 to May 24, 2018.

About the speaker series

The St. Louis Regional Historical Societies offers this spring a speaker series titled, “Environmental History, St. Louis and Beyond.” The speaker series is not only for those who are interested in local St. Louis history, but also those who have an interest in the environment, conservation, science, politics, government, recreation, the outdoors, or gardening among others.

Two of the topics presented in the series relate directly to St. Louis area history including a discussion of the Mississippi River, St. Louis’ radioactive legacy in relation to the Westlake landfill. Topics that reach beyond St Louis include talks on the history of the biofuel debate, and the use of history in preparing for climate change. There is even a talk for gardeners on the history of landscape architecture in St. Louis.

Each of the seven presentations in the series are given by a different speaker and are scheduled at different times in order to allow attendees the choice of attending any one of the presentations, or all. The presentations are located at seven different venues throughout the area, each venue hosted by a different local historical society; Carondelet, Clayton, Old Trails (Manchester-Ballwin),Sappington-Concord,
University City, Webster Groves, Wildwood. A panel discussion and capstone speaker are hosted by Missouri Historical Society. The speaker series shines a spotlight in turn on the work of each local historical organization.

About Regional

As an organization, the St. Louis Regional Historical Societies started in 1992 through the office of St. Louis County Department of Parks and Recreation past County Historian, Esley Hamilton. It is lead today by the present County Historian, Daniel Gonzales. Regional is a loose-knit association of local organizations all related in some way to history. At present, about 70 organizations are associated with Regional and at least 40 of them attended one of its two bi-annual meetings last year. The Regional bi-annual meetings provide an opportunity for history-related organizations to network with each other, to share successes, ideas and to work on creative solutions. Through Regional, the local organizations can leverage their strengths by combining forces.

The speaker series on environmental history is an effort by Regional to coordinate programming between a number of its associated organizations. The speaker series also brings together a range of different topics under the unifying theme of environmental history, allowing it to be looked at in greater depth than any one single presentation.

Why this speaker series now?

The topic of environmental history is timely with the talks being held in the week leading up to and following Earth Day when the environment is more on the minds of many people. The topic  of the environment is also much discussed in the news, and is part of a national debate on priorities.

The environmental history speaker series is intended to bring a historical perspective to the issues. Knowing how the issues developed through history will perhaps give people a better frame for how they think about the issues today. Maybe it will help people gain insight into how they would like to see the issues dealt with in the future.

Do you have questions?

More information about the environmental history speaker series is available through County Historian, Danny Gonzales at 314-615-7869 or by contacting the speaker series coordinator, Stephen Hanpeter, at schs.webmanager@gmail.com or 314-918-1617.

If you have questions for any of the speakers about their topics but can not attend the presentation, send them to schs.webmanager@gmail.com.

The presentations, the speakers, the times and the venues are summarized in a table on the Schedule page (stleh.org).


List of 40 Regional organizations

The St Louis Regional Historical Societies is a loose-knit association of some 70 history – related organizations in the St Louis Metro area.  The list below shows 40 organizations that attended at least one of the Regional biannual meetings or membership workshop in 2017.

1.     Association of St. Louis Area Archivists
2.     Archdiocese of St. Louis Archives
3.     Ballwin Historical Commission
4.     Bellefontaine Cemetery
5.     Professional Tour Guide Association
6.     Bridgeton Historical Society
7.     Chesterfield Historic Commission
8.     Carondelet Historical Society
9.     Chatillon-Demenil House
10.   Clayton Historical Society
11.   Eureka Historical Society
12.   Fenton Historical Society
13.   First State Capital State Historic Site
14.   Florissant Valley Historical Society
15.   The Friends of Jefferson Barracks
16.   Greenwood Cemetery Association
17.   Hanley House
18.   Hazelwood Historic Preservation Commission
19.   Historic Florissant Inc.
20.   Missouri Aviation Historical Society
21.   Missouri German Consortium
22.   Missouri Pacific Historical Society
23.   Mound City Archaeological Society
24.   Overland Historical Society
25.   Old Jamestown Association
26.   Old Trails Historical Society
27.   Overland Historical Society
28.   Professional Tour Guides Association of St. Louis
29.   Renegade STL
30.   Sappington House Foundation
31.   Sappington-Concord Historical Society
32.   St. Louis African American History and Genealogy Society
33.   St. Louis County Parks
34.   St. Louis Chapter National Railway Historical Society
35.   St. Louis County Historic Buildings Commission
36.   St. Louis County Library History and Genealogy
37.   Sunset Hills Historical Society
38.   University City Historical Society
39.   Webster Groves Historical Society
40.   Wildwood Historical Society

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